Month: December 2015

CEP 811 Week 7: Final Thoughts

Throughout CEP 811 we have been challenged to think about not only how we deliver our instruction, but what content we are delivering in our instruction. When I began CEP 811 I came in with a closed mind to Maker Education. I had heard of it, but was stuck in the belief that MakerEd was for STEM courses only. I thought that I would not be able to apply it to my job as a Spanish teacher. (more…)

CEP 811 Week 7: Assessment

Throughout CEP 811 we have been engaged in thinking about how teachers and students engage in education. Often times as teachers we are focused on standards, assessments, and making thinking visible in our classrooms. CEP 811 has encouraged my colleagues and I to rethink how our classrooms operate; the manner in which we present our lessons and what the content of our lessons actually are. In this final week we have been asked to think about how we might assess creativity. (more…)