Month: February 2016

Revising My InfoDiet

This week in CEP 812 we were asked to revisit our information diet, which is to say, the information that we take in through sources such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, or even the evening news. Rarely do I watch television (except for during the political debate season, I am a huge politics junkie); however, I do take in quite a bit of information from the Internet. I get this information through news websites provided in my Google News feed as well as social media, especially Twitter. (more…)

Technology Integration Survey Data


This week in CEP 812 we were asked to create a survey to collect information from our colleagues about how technology is integrated into our community of practice as well as their interest in professional development. After receiving the responses to my survey I was able to analyze and come to conclusions about how my school can move forward in training teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms as well as what types of technology we are strong on, and which types we are a bit weaker on. Click here to read an analysis of my findings and recommendations on moving forward as a school. Check out the infographic below to further illustrate the data that I gathered.