Football Webinars

Welcome to my Webinars page! I was inspired to start hosting webinars by some of the coaches on Webinars are a great opportunity for coaches to get together with other coaches around the world and talk about football. Webinars are free but they do take time to find speakers, organize, record, and upload for the viewing of others. We differ from other online clinics such as Glazier in that we are a community of high school coaches who live in the same reality as one another: we cannot go out and recruit our players like many of the college coaches we hear speak at other clinics. Enjoy!

Webinar #1: Shotgun Gap Schemes

Webinar #2: Man to Man Coverage

Webinar #3: Downhill Running Game From The Spread Pistol with Coach James Vint

Webinar #4: Power and Counter with Coach Brett Dudley

Webinar #5: Play Action Pass Game with Coach Brett Dudley